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Here is good news for all the foodies out there. Mcdonald conducts an online McDonald’s Survey for improving its Customer Satisfaction Service. You can get a chance to win a free meal, an offer or a discount on your next order in McDonald’s Restaurant Near You.

You just have to participate in the survey which you can find on Answer the questions of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey genuinely. Complete the survey of customer satisfaction questionnaire McDonald’s and win the reward. As simple as that.

McDonalds Guest Satisfaction Survey at McDvoice

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s survey coupon code: But the most important thing to remember is one should be the one time user of Mcdonald’s. Then only he or she can participate in the McDonald’s Survey.

Because the survey can only begin after entering the 26 digit code mentioned at the top of the purchase receipt. So think twice before throwing the receipt in the dustbin.

Mcdonald’s conducts this mcdvoice customer survey to get valuable feedback at Mcdvoice, from there customers about there services and their meals.

How To Complete McDonalds Customer Survey

So that they can enrich their market with respect to cleanliness near their premises, employee’s behavior, quality of their meal, etc, etc.

An American company Mcdonald’s never compromising when it comes to quality. They have been serving their customers with a quality of food with having across 38000 outlets over 100 countries.

How you can get a chance to win a reward? | mcdonalds survey coupon code

If you want to grab a free meal or any other Survey Reward by Mcdonald’s, just visit your nearest Mcdonald’s restaurant for a nice meal.

Keep the receipt with you in a safe hand. The 26 digit mcdonalds survey coupon code mentioned at the top of the receipt is important.

Mcdonalds restaurant for a nice meal

Visit and insert the 26 digit code and begin your Mcdvoice survey. You will be asked questions based on your visit to the restaurant.

It can be like, How was the behavior of the employees? How many stars you would like to give to the quality of the food? How was the ambiance of the restaurant you visited?

While answering your questions please keep in mind to be genuine from your side. After completing the survey you will be provided with a free validation code that can be redeemed by you to grab a free meal.

Just note down the code with you and visit the Mcdonald’s again for a free meal.

Rules And Requirements For The Mcdonalds survey

  • One should have a computer system or laptop with an internet connection in it.
  • A 26 digit survey code mentioned in the purchase receipt is necessary for the survey.
  • One should be 15 years or older to participate in the survey. You cannot enter the survey if your age is less than 15 years.
  • Only the residents of the United State Of  America and the District of Columbia can participate in the survey.
  • The survey is available in two languages that are English and Spanish.
  • There are also restrictions on the number of surveys one can be a part of. You can participate in up to five surveys per month.
  • The purchase receipt or the 26 digit survey code is only valid for 7 days. That means you have to be part of the survey within 7 days of your visit to Mcdonald’s restaurant.
  • After completing the survey successfully, Mcdonald’s will provide you the reward only if you claim it within 30 days of completion of the survey.

 Step By Step Procedure To take McDonalds mcdvoice survey

To grab a free meal or other kinds of reward in Mcdonald’s, you have to complete a  Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey. These steps will guide you to complete your survey successfully.

  • First, keep your receipt in front of you before beginning the survey. The survey can only be done if the purchase receipt is dated within your 7 days of the visit.
  • Visit
  • The below page will get open in front of you:
  • Press the start button after inserting your 26 digit survey code. After inserting the code begin the survey. Sometimes it happens that the code does not come with the receipt or some find it difficult to catch a survey code on the receipt.

Enter 26 Digit McDonals Survey Code

  • Not to worry. In that case, just provide some information by clicking on the ‘If you don’t have a 26 survey code printed on your receipt, click here’ button. In redirected window fill some information like store number, the KS number, the date and time of the visit, the order and the amount you paid. You will find all this information on your receipt only.
  • As you press the start button your survey will be ready. While doing the survey try to be honest with your answers. If you feel like you are dissatisfied with the kind of service of the restaurant, answer it accordingly. The survey will not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
  • When you complete your survey, you will be provided with a validation code for your reward. Its a request to please note it down somewhere or you can also note it in the back of your receipt. Because sometimes it becomes hard to regain the code if it gets lost.
  • Just claim your reward by presenting the validation code to the sales staff of Mcdonald’s restaurant in your next visit. You have to keep in mind that the validation code is valid for 30 days. So you have to claim your reward within 30 days of getting your code. Enjoy your reward.
  • If you find any kind of problem in attending the survey, not to worry. Make a call to McDonald’s customer service at 1-800-244-6227, which is available 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST.

Rewards you receive after completing the McDonald’s Survey

It is not necessary that one will get the same type of reward every time. As per the facts are concerned, one can get Buy One Get One Free Quarter Pounder, or Buy One Get One Free Egg McMuffin.

Free Egg McMuffin at McDonalds Survey

Sometimes they offer to Buy one get one free for any item on the menu, A happy meal, 10 Chicken Tender, 20 pieces nugget.

Or you can get a discount offer on your next order after showing your validation code or coupon to the salesperson.

But there are some rules regarding the redemptions of the coupon or code. Like it is untransferable that means you can not transfer the coupon or code to some other person nor you can sell it. The coupon is valid for one time per person per visit.

Why Mcdonald conducts surveys? | McDonalds Customer Feedback

Mcdonald’s is one of the world’s largest food restaurant chains serving over 100 countries handling 70 million customers daily.

No company touches that level so easily. It has to deliver consistent services all the time. And to bring consistency in the business one must know the present taste and demands of their customers.

To know the demands and needs of the foodies, Mcdonald’s conducts the survey. By conducting the survey Mcdonald’s comes to know the problems which their customers facing.

Right now concerning their services like staff behavior, taste, its menu, cleanliness or price range, etc. Mcdonald’s interest is in knowing whether the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied concerning their services.

So generally Mcdonald collects the feedbacks by McDonald’s Survey using Mcdvoice Survey of their customers through conducting

About Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s Corporation is an American company incorporated in San Bernardino, California by two brothers, Richard, and Maurice Mcdonald in 1940.

Mcdonald’s is a restaurant, which Richard and Maurice had turned into the franchise from hamburger stand in 1953.

In 1953 Richard and Maurice decided to extend their business by expanding their chain. For this Mr. Ray Kroc, a business helped them with it.

He signed as a franchisee agent in their company and helped them to expand their business.

Mcdonald’s is the second-largest fast-food restaurant chain of the world after Subway currently operating across 38000 outlets around the world serving almost 110 countries around the world.

They serve around 60 Million customers daily all over the world with their delicious fast food such as hamburgers, wraps, pizza, fries, hot and cold beverages, smoothies and chicken products.

McDonalds Contact Customer Service Tollfree No

  • Phone No:-
    Customer Service No
    800 467 0047

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So taking part in the survey is not a waste of time. If you are a food lover and count your self in foodies then you definitely should try this survey. It is not hard to give ten minutes of your day for the survey.

It is correct that Mcdonald’s takes your time for the survey to enrich their services but they are rewarding you against it. There is no harm to participate in the survey.

But keep in mind, to be honest with your answers while in the survey because your answer could prove to be valuable for Mcdonald’s to improve their services.

So next time you visit the Mcdonald’s for a meal, just keep your receipt carefully with you to participate in the survey and enjoy your rewards.

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